Chase the Northern Lights with Photographer Guide

Our Abisko northern lights tour with photographer guide​ will take you through Swedish Lapland, the best place in the world to see the Aurora Borealis.

We will pick you up from your hotel in Abisko and start to chase the Northern Lights. Where we go to see the lights will depend on weather conditions, we can stay in Abisko or drive to Norway or Kiruna boreal forests, always far from city light pollution. Our experienced guides track the weather all day before the tour to decide where the best place to drive is the night of your tour. We don’t limit ourselves by distance, so we can drive wherever is needed to find clear sky on the night of.

Lights of Vikings specializes in finding clear sky, and if the Kiruna area is cloudy, we will drive however long we need to get the best opportunity of seeing the lights. Kiruna is located in the heart of Swedish Lapland, where our guides will teach you about this natural area, and show you the most important facts to understand this unique region. As we are driving, we will tell you the stories about Lapland and its inhabitants, the Sami people, Abisko and Kiruna, and the science behind the Northern Lights.

Swedish Lapland is full of ancient traditions and culture, Lapland is the land of the Sami people, last indigenous people of Europe who call the area Sápmi. It is also the home of unique animals like reindeer, moose, fox, Arctic hares and Arctic owls. Our guides will give you some tricks to spot them in the nearby natural areas and reserves! Close to Kiruna is Abisko, on the shores of the glacier lake Tornetrask. Abisko is famous for its microclimate and cloud free nights that give us more chances to see aurora. The Kiruna region is one of the largest producers of iron ore in the world since the 19th century.

When we arrive at our viewing destination, we will make a roaring campfire, and enjoy traditional Swedish cookies, chocolates and warm drinks while we admire the Northern Lights.

Our photographers and guides have been guiding in this region and taking pictures of the Aurora for more than 3 years. They will take you to the best locations and help you get the best pictures of the spectacular Northern Lights.

The professional photographer on your trip will take pictures of you and the Aurora in the sky with their professional camera which is optimized for night photography and the Aurora. If you have brought your own camera, they will help you set it up and guide you to get the best shots. The professional photos from your trip will be available 3 days after the tour. We will send them to you at no cost so that you have a beautiful memento and photos to show your friends and family at home.

After we have enjoyed the campfire, watched the Northern Lights dance in the sky, and learned the stories and myths that surround this natural phenomenon, we will head home to Abisko.

Abisko Northern Lights Tour with Photographer Guide

1650 SEK

price per person

Do you want to Experience the northern lights more private?

Our private aurora tours in Abisko and Kiruna allow you to join Lights of Vikings Experiences 100% private. Price starting from 2449 SEK / per person. Offered in: English, Spanish, Italian, Catalan and Turkish.


For your convenience, you can cancel the tour up to 24 hours before departure for a refund.

* This policy does not apply to +6 groups

Please, familiarize yourself with these policies before booking.

Included in "Abisko northern lights tour"


We do not recommend this tour for guests younger than 5 years old and older than 65.

It is common to walk in snow, icy and cold conditions during the tour. If you have any physical limitations please inform us before you book.

The tour is offered in English. However, we can organize private tours in English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan and Turkish.

Our tours include snowsuits. The snowsuits will be worn as an extra-layer on top of your winter clothes and will give you more protection from wind and snow. You should already be wearing suitable winter clothes as well as a winter jacket and waterproof boots.

We can not provide boots

We can not provide overalls for the kids.

We will pick you up between 19:00 pm and 19:15pm. To make our pickup service as smooth as possible, we ask all our guests to kindly wait for us outside of the hotel at the designated pickup times, not inside the reception. 

We will pick you up at your hotel in Abisko or Bjorkliden. If you are staying on Airbnb, we will pick you up at the nearest hotel or pick-up point.

If you need to cancel your tour, you can cancel a minimum of 24 hours beforehand for a refund. If you cancel within 24 hours, we will charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the booking.

* This policy does not apply to +6 groups
Please, familiarize yourself with these policies before booking.

The Northern Lights are natural phenomena and there is no guarantee that we will see them, despite the most professional, experienced guides. Therefore, there is no refund or free tour if we don’t see the Northern Lights. Even when we find the best conditions, we might not see the lights on some nights.

The strength of the lights will also vary, as well as whether they dance in the sky. The lights in the sky are sometimes not as strong as in the pictures.

The Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that can be observed in both Abisko and Kiruna. The northern lights look similar in Abisko and Kiruna due to their close proximity and similar latitudes.

Abisko is known for its clear skies and low light pollution, making it an excellent location for viewing the Northern Lights. It also has a unique microclimate that tends to have less cloud cover than other areas in the region, which can increase your chances of seeing the aurora.

Kiruna is another popular location for aurora viewing, and it has a range of accommodation options and activities for visitors. While it can be more crowded than Abisko, it also has a wider range of services and amenities available.

Ultimately, both Abisko and Kiruna offer excellent opportunities for viewing the Northern Lights, and which one is “better” depends on your personal preferences and priorities.

The night of your tour, Lights of Vikings Team will always take you to the best given location to maximize your chances of seeing the Aurora, far from crowds and light pollution.

Guests who book the tour on our official website will have priority to be rescheduled if we can’t depart on the night of your tour.

If we don’t see the Aurora on the night you book, you can sign up for the following night for 20% off (subject to availability). If you want to book two nights up front, you can do so for 20% off both nights, just send us an email to book! We also offer the Aurora Pass to give you three chances to see the Northern Lights.

Is seeing the Northern Lights number one on your bucket list? The 3 Day Northern Lights Pass is the best way to maximize your chances of experiencing the magic of the Northern Lights.

Book your 3 Night Norhern Light Pass here!

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