7 unforgettable things to do in Kiruna

Kiruna is the northernmost city in Sweden and is located in the state of Norbotten. Kiruna, one of the most popular tourism centers in Swedish Lapland, hosts many tourists especially during the winter months.

Thanks to this guide, you can easily plan what you can do during your time in Kiruna.


Kiruna was born in the early 1900s Iron ore was found in the region and today is home to Europe’s largest iron mine.

The city, which develops and grows entirely around the iron mine, has both a large industry and winter tourism. Kiruna’s population today is 22,000.


In recent years, a very rare project is taking place in Kiruna. Because of the large amount of iron ore in Kiruna’s city center, the whole city is moving.

It is possible to see the newly built city while driving from the current Kiruna city center towards to Kiruna airport. The project continues at great speed.

With this project, 40 historical buildings and historical church, the symbol of Kiruna, will be moved and the remaining buildings will be demolished. The completion date of the project is predicted to be 2035.

Activities we recommend you to do during your trip to Kiruna:

Things to do in Kiruna


Kiruna and its surroundings, 160 km above the Arctic Circle, are an excellent destination for the northern lights.

Any list about things to do in Kiruna can be completed without mentioning the northern lights.

You can join our “The Longest Northern Lights Tour from Kiruna” to see the northern lights, which you can observe from the beginning of September to the beginning of April.

In this tour, we pick you up from Kiruna and take you to a different destination every night depending on the weather forecast.

Join and chase the Northern Lights with us in Abisko. We will pick you up in your hotel in Kiruna.

In Kiruna you can visit the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine, which is the biggest reason for the birth and development of the city.

The Kiruna iron-ore mine tour can be booked at the tourist office website.

You will go into the mountain and down to the show mine LKAB’s Visitor Centre situated at level 540 metres. Did you know that LKAB is currently mining down to level 1365 metres??

The world’s first original Ice Hotel is located in the village of Jukkasjarvi, 15 minutes from Kiruna.

Ice Hotel consists of 2 parts, 365 and the ice hotel which is rebuilt every year. Ice Hotel 365 is open through all year and has ice suite rooms and an Ice Bar.

The ice hotel, built in mid-December every year, serves until the beginning of April.

The project, built from large chunks of ice cut from the Torne River and where many artists work, is truly fascinating.

Are you ready to sleep in ICE HOTEL? You can book your room here! Or you can just visit the rooms 😉 it is like an art gallery!

Esrange Space Center has been operational since 1966 and is presently used by the international scientific community for launching sounding rockets for microgravity and atmospheric research as well as high altitude balloons for astronomy, atmospheric research and drop tests of space and aerial vehicles.

Esrange also accommodates one of the world’s largest civilian satellite ground stations and acts as a hub in our satellite station network.

Anyone can visit the Visitor Center, but for security reasons, the area inside the gates is unfortunately not open to the public. In the Visitor Center, you can learn about the activities going on at Esrange and about the company, SSC. You will also learn about all space-related activities in the whole Kiruna area.


Dog sledding is one of the most famous activities of Lapland. You will go on an amazing journey in Swedish Lapland with Alaskan huskies.

You can either ride your own team on dog sledding tours organized by many different tour agencies or you can enjoy this journey behind your guide.

This is one of our favorite things to do in Kiruna!

You can book this activity with our friends of Husky Tours Lapland. They have 89 amazing dogs! We highly recommend to visit them, one of the most amazing experience in Lapland

Abisko Holiday Package - Northern Lights


Snowmobile is one of Lapland’s most important means of transport. We do not have many driveways in the area, so it is possible to go to many fascinating spots that you cannot reach by vehicle by snowmobile.

Snowmobile tours are very diverse, you can visit many points from frozen lakes to boreal forests on these tours.

This is one of the must things to do in Kiruna if you want to discover its surroundings and scape of city center.

Things to do in Abisko


During your stay in Kiruna, you can explore Abisko National Park, which is the best place in the world to see the northern lights thanks to its own micro climate.

Abisko National Park, which is only 1 hour away by train, is the starting point of Kungsleden, Sweden’s most important hiking route. Here you can hike and explore the beautiful nature surrounded by mountains.

This is one of the must things to do in Kiruna during your stay. Abisko is a magical place!

Also you can rent a car and drive until the border!

Things to do in Abisko

REINDEER EXPERIENCE – Nutti Sámi Siida in Kiruna

Swedish Lapland and its surroundings area perfect destination to meet the magnificent animals of the north, reindeer and moose.

It is possible to see a reindeer in Kiruna and surroundings at any time of day or night.

You can learn about reindeer, which is an important part of the life of the Sami people. If you want to know more about Sami Culture this is one of the things to do in Kiruna.

We visit with our guest the Sami Camp in Kiruna. You can feed the reindeers and learn about Sami’s culture! 

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WE ARE Number 1 Tour in Abisko on Tripadvisor


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