11 unforgettable things to do in Abisko in winter

Visiting Swedish Lapland in wintertime is like a fairytale. From riding in a sled drawn by huskies to drive a snowmobile in the arctic forest.

There are many adventures to experience and no matter how Abisko is a very small village with only 100 people, there are unlimited activities to do here! In Kiruna you can also have an amazing time with incredible adventures!

In this list, we wrote our 11 favorite things to do in Abisko and Kiruna that you should experience while you are here!

Abisko winter activities

No list of things to do in Abisko would be complete without mentioning the Northern Lights.

Abisko is the best place in the world to see the norther lights. You can reach our article that we wrote the reasons about.

If you come to Abisko during the period of the northern lights, you have to travel between September and April. It is possible to observe this magnificent natural phenomenon in your travel in any month between this period.

Between September and April, 99% of our clients saw the northern lights our 4-night package.

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Another must of things to do in Abisko is the snowmobile, one of the most exciting winter activities you can do in the Arctic Circle.

You can discover the wild nature of the north with the snowmobile in Abisko, which has many great routes to drive.

Snowmobile tours are organised between November and May.

On these tours, you can have a real winter experience on the magnificent routes around Abisko National Park and enjoy driving over frozen lakes.

You can book that activity with us!

Interested in trying a challenging adventure in arctic conditions?

Then ice climbing with Aril is the thing for you! No previous experience is needed.

Aril is a certified guide and he will provide you with climbing equipment that is included in the tour (alpine boots, crampons, harness, and helmet).

The duration is approximately 3 hours and transfers from/to your accommodation in Abisko or Björkliden are included.

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Most of the things you can do in Abisko are around Abisko National Park.

Abisko National Park has something to offer year-round. Abisko National Park lies on the banks of Lake Tornetrask. The park is part of 440-kilometer Kungsleden hiking route. For this reason, Abisko National Park is visited by professional hikers all year round.

The national park is easy to get to by train, bus or car from Kiruna or Narvik. Once there you can visit Naturum visitor centre, next to the highway and railway station.


Dog sledding, which used to be a very important transportation vehicle, is now one of the most beautiful activities you can do in Abisko.

You meet these wonderful dogs, love them and learn what routine this activity is for them and go on a wonderful tour on the special route of arctic forests.

Things to do in Abisko


There is no fjord in Swedish Lapland but our neighbor has fjords just 1 hour away ☺ so we added this activity to our list “Things to do in Abisko”.

You can book a daily guided tour from Abisko to discover the magnificent fjords of Norway or you can rent a car.

We are sure that you will have very beautiful photos in this fascinating geography.

Things to do in Abisko


Some part of Sweden’s famous 440-kilometer long Kungsleden route is located in the Abisko National Park.

You can take a walk in Kungsleden at any time of the year and discover many points from hills of different heights to magnificent lakes.

Follow the trails by yourself or book a guided hiking tour with an experienced guide who will explain you everything about the region.

Read more about Kungsleden Trail


The ski center in Björkliden, which is only a few kilometers from Abisko, welcomes skiers from all over the world during the winter months.

There is also an other ski center in the region, Riksgränsen, 35km far from Abisko.

Skiing is a part of life and a great hobby in Sweden and Norway.

You can rent a car and visit both stations. If you don’t have your gear with you, you can rent it there and ski!



You can fish in the lakes of Swedish Lapland or in the fjords of Norway at any time of the year. Remember Norway is just 1 hour away from Abisko!

If you want, you can fish under the midnight sun in the summer or you can have a real arctic experience on the frozen lake in winter.

You can do that activity with our partners Abisko Guesthouse

In fact, this activity is mostly related to transportation to Abisko.

Arctic Train, which you will get from the capital of Sweden Stockholm, reaches Abisko after 20 hours of travel.

After getting off at Abisko Train Station, you can reach our Lights of Vikings center with a 2-minute walk.

What makes this long trip special is that you will enter the Arctic Circle on your journey and you will cross from an amazing landscape.

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WE ARE Number 1 Tour in Abisko on Tripadvisor


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