Northern Lights in Sweden - Swedish Lapland

Basic requirements for the northern lights in Sweden – Swedish Lapland

One of the most sought-after topics about the northern lights on the Internet is when the northern lights season starts and ends in Swedish Lapland.

We have 3 basic requirements for the northern lights in Sweden – Swedish Lapland: dark, cloud free night and solar activity.

Although we find cloudless air and activity intensity all year round, daylight in the north is very intense in certain periods, the weather does not get dark and therefore it is not possible to see the northern lights with the naked eye during this time.

Unfortunately, we can not watch the northern lights all year round, as we could not catch the pitch blackness during and after midnight sun period.

When the northern lights season starts in Sweden – Swedish Lapland?

The northern lights season officially begins in the last week of August and ends in the second week of April in the Swedish Lapland in the Arctic Circle. Northern lights can not be seen in the period between mid-April and the end of August.

Although the northern lights start to appear in the late August, many companies that organize the northern light start their tours in September.

The dark time required to see the northern lights is available between September and April. During this time, you can take a northern light observation tour in Swedish Lapland.

There is no such thing as the month in which the northern lights are best observed, so you can plan your trip to the Arctic Circle at any time during these months, the main theme of which is to see the northern lights.

Day duration in Sweden – Swedish Lapland

In Swedish Lapland, the day duration restricts the night time since mid-April and northern lights cannot be seen from mid-April. In June, it reaches the full day time and begins to return to the polar geography of the dark period from the end of August.

The full dark period that we call polar nights takes place in the middle of December and mid January. During this period, the sun never rises and therefore it is possible to observe the northern lights even in the morning or at noon.

The peak season of the Northern Lights season starts after the snow falls to Swedish Lapland. During this time, there are also winter activities in the Swedish Lapland, along with the northern lights.

Northern lights tours by snowmobile and dog sledding night tours are also super popular in these months. Between September and April, when the northern lights can be observed, each period has a different beauty.

Lapland turns to autumn colors between late August and early November. After the snow fell, the northern lights on the white snow are dizzy.

Spring is not felt much in Swedish Lapland, we call it late winter. During this period, the weather gets warmer, the snow is still on the ground, and the northern lights continue their endless dance.

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