This article describes the details of our concept of “The longest northern lights tour in Swedish Lapland” as Lights of Vikings.

This concept, which we created based on the northern lights tours that we have realized in many different countries after many years experience, is been doing by very few companies in the world.

As Lights of Vikings, located in Abisko, which is one of the best locations where you can see the northern lights in the world, we offer a complete experience in our between 6-10 hours long northern lights tour.

We operate our tours in large area, all people stay in Kiruna, Björkliden and Abisko in Sweden and Narvik in Norway can join our tours.

All of our transfer operations end at 6 pm (depending on season) and our passengers meet at our headquarter in Abisko Village.

Here, we meet our guests from many different parts of the world and give detailed information about the tour.

First of all, we wear our snowsuits and boots in our dressing room.

Then we make our fire for dinner in our Sami tent or in the wood cabin.

We cook reindeer or moose, the most important food in the region. For those who wish, we have vegetarian products.

Our guide gives you various information about Lapland during dinner. You learn both the history of the region, the daily living conditions and the northern lights.

After the wild dining dinner, we get on our private car together. On this trip, both your driver and your professional photographer guide will accompany you.

Your guide makes a day plan according to the weather conditions of that day. Our evening northern lights tours departures according to this plan.

Depending on the weather conditions (especially the clouds), a different destination is chosen that night. Each night, the region to be visited is determined differently.

Observing the northern lights around the lake, which has a magnificent nature of Abisko, is an amazing experience. But there is also the possibility of going to Kiruna and further away, or crossing the border to the Norwegian fjords, depending on the night.

It is not important for us to drive long distances. We are working hard to find areas with no clouds.

If there is snow or rain affecting a large area, we cancel our tours 3 days in advance on all nights where we have no chance.

In some nice weather in Abisko, we take you to the hills deep in Abisko National Park with our snowmobile and set up our camp there.

When we reach the region we have set for you, we make our camp fire in the wilderness and prepare hot drinks for you.

Meanwhile, your photographer guide takes lots of photos and videos. During the night, you will have many photos and videos with the northern lights, and we will send these unforgettable moments to your mail within a few days.

Our tours usually end after midnight. Depending on the distance to be traveled, your tour takes between 6 and 10 hours.

This tour has many advantages related to the wonderful experiences you will have at the Arctic Circle.

  • Unfortunately, the transportation options in Swedish Lapland are not so many, but we offer transfer options in a wide area such as Narvik, Kiruna, Björkliden and Abisko on our tours included the tour.
  • Our tours include dinner and even this dinner is an experience in itself. You both experience the famous dishes of the region and learn a lot about the region and the northern lights during the meal.
  • We can go long distances to find the cloud free region on our tours. In this case, we reduce the chance factor very much.
  • The camp fire that we will make in the wilderness area at the Arctic Circle creates a magnificent night atmosphere.
  • No matter how cold the night is, we give you snow suits before your tour starts and we offer hot drinks during the night. Also our bus is always heated.
  • We are immortalizing your beautiful memories with photos with the northern lights. Your guide takes a lot of photos and all of them are included in your tour.

WE ARE Number 1 Tour in Abisko on Tripadvisor

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WE ARE Number 1 Tour in Abisko on Tripadvisor


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