Game of Thrones, which fascinates millions of people, has been talked about with its many magnificent scenes as well as shooting points set up all over the world.

Game of Thrones needed a lot of different shooting locations on its own map. Different seasons and cultural space differences on the scenario took the Game of Thrones team to various parts of the world.

While the Game of Thrones team continued shooting in various centers around the world, every spot where they were shot was flooded with tourists. Although the serie is finished, these spots are still among the favorite destinations of tourists today.

One of the main factors that make Game of Thrones one of the most expensive productions in the world is that the team uses real shooting locations and does not prefer studio shots too much. For this reason, Game of Thrones sets set up in various parts of the world take us on a small world tour.

Especially for the shooting regions located in the north of the map, the Game of Thrones team needed a geography covered with snow and ice.

The Game of Thrones team traveled to Iceland for years to shoot “The Wall”, which is frequently seen in the series that includes multi-action scenes. Even today, tours are organized in Iceland that show the real shooting locations of Game of Thrones to the visitors. All the snowy northern scenes in the series were shot in Iceland.

So what was Game of Thrones’ connection with Swedish Lapland and Abisko?

Within the scope of Game of Thrones marketing strategies, pre-Season 8, they hided 6 thrones in various parts of the world for the fans to find them for a certain period of time. They announced this in partnership with HBO on its website and asked fans all over the world to find these thrones.

They posted 1-hour timelapse videos for 6 thrones hidden in different parts of the world, it was quite difficult to predict where the thrones were in the videos. Thrones were all hidden in nature. Two of the thrones were surrounded by snow.

Game of Thrones fans who found these throne were taking pictures with the thrones they found and sharing them on social media. Game of Thrones gave various awards to the first posters.

One of the 6 Thrones that Game of Thrones hid in various parts of the world was located in Abisko – Björkliden. Björkliden is a ski resort located right next to Abisko.

The most important reason why Game of Thrones chose this region is of course the northern lights dancing on the throne at night.

One of the most important scenes of Game of Thrones’ episodes and commercial videos that have been broadcasted for years took place in Abisko – Björkliden.

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Onur Çagan Aygün

Onur Çagan Aygün

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