What does it mean “THE longest northern lights expedition”?

As Lights of Vikings team, we drive long miles for the northern lights where we expect no clouds are.

Our night tours are from 6 up to 10 hours.

If Swedish Lapland area are full of clouds, sometimes we drive to Norway or Kiruna.

This concept is having us the longest northern lights tour in Swedish Lapland.

Do you take our pictures during THE tour?

Yes. Your guide who is professional photographer will take your pictures during all night long and we will send it to your email in 3 days after the tour.

Do you use big bus?

No, our all tours are by 8 seat minibus.

Is there refund back if we don’t see THE northern lights?

Unfortunatelly no, because team makes too much effort and we departure tours if we only have chance to see the northern lights.

If everywhere covered by clouds, we cancel the tour and we will do full refund back.

We follow the weather 3 days periods and we can see the sky conditions 3 days before. If we have no chance to see the northern lights we never take risk and we always cancel the tour.

If we cancel the tour we always ask you to join next days tours when we have better conditions if you are available.

Otherwise we will do 100% refund back.

What are included on tours?

  • Driver and photographer guide
  • All pictures are taken by your guide
  • Dinner and hot drinks
  • Winter overalls
  • Winter boots
  • Campfire
  • VAT


Our menu for dinner:

– Special recipe of reindeer served with veggie wok, mushrooms, tomato, cream and onion.
– For vegetarians we serve vegetarian patties with veggie wok and mushrooms.

If you have any food allergies, please let us know in advance!


Our tours include snowsuits and boots. The snowsuits will be worn as an extra-layer on top of your winter clothes and will give you more protection from wind and snow.

You should already be wearing suitable winter clothes as well as a winter jacket.

The clothes will be provided after dinner, before we depart from Abisko.

Do you have any question?

Come and talk to us. We look forward to meeting you!

WE ARE Number 1 Tour in Abisko on Tripadvisor


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