Abisko Holiday Package with multiday activities, northern lights chasing tours every night and arctic beauty of Swedish Lapland

As Lights of Vikings, we offer 4 night holiday package including 4 dinners, 4 daytime activities with 4 nights northern lights chasing.

We can proudly announce that all our guests saw the northern lights on the 4 night Abisko Holiday Package.

Abisko has a micro climate that has more cloud free nights than any other place in the arctic circle. But even on the rare occasion that Abisko can’t escape the clouds, we are famous for driving long distances to chase the northern lights at the Norwegian coast or in other locations of Swedish Lapland.

We happily spend long hours chasing the Northern Lights which is why we are proud to call this tour “the longest northern lights tour in Sweden.”

With this vacation package in Abisko you will also experience the beautiful Abisko National Park, the arctic beauty of Swedish Lapland and your guide will tell you many stories about Vikings and Sami people.

In winter (from December to April) you will experience activities such as a wilderness lunch and snowmobile tour in Abisko National Park.

Northern Lights Tour included in the Abisko Holiday Package

In our Abisko Holiday Package we will chase the northern lights every night!

Abisko National Park is the best place in the world to see the northern lights because of its blue hole and micro climate. We have the most cloud free nights compared to other places in the Arctic Circle.

During this tour, you will have a private photographer who will take many pictures of you with the northern lights, which we will send to you after the tour.

Daytime activities with a private guide

If you book our Abisko Holiday Package,  we offer you 4 daytime winter activities:

  • Dailytrip to Ice Hotel
  • Visit Sami Camp and Reindeer
  • Snowmobile tour in Abisko National Park
  • Explore Abisko’s famous King’s Trail and Lake Torneträsk

Join our Abisko Holiday Package with longest northern lights tour in Sweden and maximize your chance to see the northern lights

19750 SEK

price per person

We updated our cancellation policy for you

If you can not travel due to Covid - 19, you can reschedule this tour for free to available dates.


Cozy apartment with lake Torneträsk view in Abisko. Enjoy your holiday in Abisko with your family in our private apartments.

Rest in the living room after a long day and get ready for aurora chasing with us. 

The accommodation includes:



day 1

Lights of Viking team will welcome you at Kiruna Airport or Kiruna Train Station.

We will drive one of the most iconic scenery road from Kiruna to Abisko in Swedish Lapland. On the road we will give you the briefing about the tour.

When we arrive to your hotel in Abisko National Park you will have time to rest; tonight you have your first northern lights tours which is the longest northern lights tour in Sweden!

After pick up in the hotel, we will prepare for you the dinner in our wood cabin. Our foods are unique in the region such as reindeer, salmon or moose (vegatable available on request). Your guide will tell you many stories about the northern lights and Vikings.

Each night we go to different location to find the northern lights depending on the weather.

day 2

Today you will discover beautiful scenery of Abisko by snowmobile. Abisko National Park has valleys, mountains, arctic forest and lakes and you can reach all of them just by snowmobile!

Our route in Abisko National Park is long and has many peaks from which you can see all Abisko from above. It is easy, unbelivable and so unique!

After tour, we will drive you back to hotel. You will have some time to rest, tonight you have dinner in your hotel’s restaurant which is one the best restaurant in the region. Then after we will pick you up again for the unforgettable northern light tour on your 2nd night.

day 3

Today we will discover Abisko National Park on foot.

Abisko National Park has one of the best hiking routes in Europe, King’s Trail. Especially during summer and autumn, many people from all over the world come to Abisko to hike the King’s Trail. It has unique views of the canyon, mountains, river and lake.

With an experienced guide, you will hike the beautiful King’s Trail, learn more about the region and make a camp fire near the lake – the best way to feel the arctic.

After the hiking rout you will have some time to rest and to hav dinner in your hotel’s restaurant which is one the best restaurant in the region.

Get ready to catch the northern lights with us on the 3rd night!

day 4

After breakfast, your long day will start, now time to explore world famous Ice Hotel and Sami Camp!

We will leave Abisko and Lake Torneträsk behind us and we will drive to Jukkasjarvi village where the Ice Hotel located. Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland is the first original hotel made by ice in the world. It is unique and very picturesque.

Then it’s time to visit Sami Camp. Sami people have been living in Lapland for centuries. We will visit Sami Camp, we will learn many thing about their life and of course we will feed the reindeers.

This is an all day trip during which we will stop at many locations to take countless pictures. You will experience the beauty of Lapland.

Tonight, we will pick you up for having dinner on our wood cabin and you will have the last northern lights tour with us for that time.

The next morning after breakfast we will take you back to Kiruna Airport.


about abisko 4 night holiday package


Inquiry for Abisko 4 night holiday package

This package includes a night tour on the arrival day, you should arrive to Kiruna before 1 PM to catch the first night northern lights tour.

We updated our cancellation – date changes policy due to Covid – 19.  If you can not travel due to Covid – 19, you can reschedule this tour for free to available dates.
For reschedule the tour, you should contact us 4 weeks before the tour. Otherwise no refunds will be offered. 

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